Persistence makes success inevitable


When I give a speech on “How to defeat self-doubt” I actually say this a lot: It takes a million steps to get where you want to be. As long as you move forward, as long as you keep going, success is inevitable. I truly believe in this. This is how I got where I am today – by not giving up, by persistence. But I also know persistence sounds way easier on paper than it is in real life. There are always points in life where you just run out of energy and want to throw in the towel. Been there, done it and therefore failed. Persistence is the key to success, and here are a few examples why.

Of course, my pregnancy is my example number one. If I hadn’t been persistent, if my husband hadn’t been persistent when I wanted to throw in the towel, we wouldn’t be parents today. There would be no little man, not one million pictures on my phone only showing him. Still, the set-backs we had on this specific journey were countless. Every time my pregnancy was in reach we got smacked in the face, but by simply refusing to give up we reached where we wanted to reach – being sleep deprived, exhausted, and happy parents.

Example number two is a more recent one, and the one including our dog Mrs. Fay. Mrs. Fay is a rescue dog. When we adopted her, she was almost six years old, and had six litters. For everyone who doesn’t know, six litters are insane. She was basically just a breeding machine, kept in a cage all those years, didn’t know anything outside of said cage, didn’t know a leash, grass, birds, you name it, and she didn’t know people. When she came to us she was scared of everything, and she didn’t feel home. If the front door was open she’d run out and refuse to come back inside, because our home didn’t feel safe to her. Persistence and a lot of patience turned her into the wonderful dog she is today. Now she knows that we are HER family. I can walk her without a leash, she lays with us in the living room to be close to us instead under my desk upstairs where she spent her whole first year, and she finally feels safe.

Example number three is the most recent one, and the one that inspired me to write this post. On Friday, I got my counseling license for the state of Texas. As most of my readers probably don’t know, I have a Master in Psychology, but since my Master is from Germany it was close to impossible to get it recognized, and be licensed over here. I started the process of licensing in March 2016, and only last Friday I finally was accepted. It took me countless phone calls, most of them unsuccessfully, I translated numerous papers from German to English, send piles of documents to the licensing office, and I appealed. I actual appealed in front of the licensing board members and presented my case, why I’m qualified to be a counselor and why I want to be a licensed counselor. One of the top-ten scariest moments of my life. Standing in front of five officials, presenting my case via microphone, everyone else in the room also appealing listening in on what I have to say, and all of that in English. But I got where I wanted to be – I’m a licensed counselor now. 15 months later, thanks to persistence.

All it takes is persistence. And someone by your side preventing you from giving up when you just feel low for a while.



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