Mondays are good for…


…a fresh start. My last two weeks were kind of messy. Lots of doctor appointments, lots of sitting around waiting, and very little work time. But today is Monday and since I normally don’t care too much if it’s a Monday or a Tuesday, today I decided to welcome it as my fresh start. This week will be better. This week will be productive, and by Friday I can be grateful for all the achievements I reached within the last five days.

Whatever it might be you have struggled with last week, try what I’m trying to do – welcome this Monday as your fresh start. I could sit here right now and freak out over all the work I still have to do from last week, but what for? If I freak out or not, my work load will still be the same. That’s why I decided to just get going. Make this week the week where I will accomplish a lot, and be relaxed again by the end of it. And if not, well, there will always be another Monday.

I often stress out about how I can’t do all the things I need and want to do. But to be honest, in the end it always works out somehow. Reason is, the world won’t collapse if I don’t finish editing my newest book by the end of the week. The world doesn’t collapse when I don’t find the time to look for more speaking engagements, and if there is a deadline for whatever reason, I WILL find the time to finish before the world does collapse. Always.

Let this Monday be a fresh start, and a reminder that lives don’t depend on us being able to finish our work load every day (at least not for most of us). Do what you can do, don’t forget to enjoy life, and all the rest will still be there next Monday.

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