Life is a series of thousands of tiny miracles. Notice them.


Yesterday was a tough day for me. The little man woke up at 5 am, ready to conquer the day. I was not. My initial idea was to send him with his Dad to the gym, and go back to sleep myself. It’s kind of a tradition in our home to go to the gym on Sunday mornings. First us parents work out and then all of us go to the pool. But yesterday I didn’t feel like running at all. I had to catch up on sleep and I wanted to trade in my exercise for it. Of course, my master plan didn’t work. My husband had to work the whole morning. Emergency meetings after emergency meetings. Therefore, we all went to the gym, I did go running, then pool, and then back home. No sleep whatsoever.

We also had a birthday party in the afternoon. Coming back home from the gym I wanted to rest a little bit during the little man’s nap and then head over to the party, refreshed. Also, this didn’t work because there was no nap. We all went to the party, non-refreshed. First one hour pool, then pizza, birthday cake and presents. Our little man was so tired he fell off the bench waiting for his Pizza. He was in bed, fast asleep at 7 pm. One hour earlier than usual. After organizing the house, all the mess we created during the day I sat down on the sofa. Coffee in my right hand, candy in my left and TV in front of me – finally relaxing!

It was a tough day but looking back it was still filled with tiny miracles. Five hours of sleep weren’t enough, but I was okay because I’m healthy. Running wasn’t that bad either – 5k, nice. Our little man had a blast in the pool. Swimming like his Olympic medalist grandma. He was also allowed to slide down the water slide together with his Dad – he’s way too young but the lifeguard made an exception. After his non-nap he came back down and told me: “Mama, I slept sooo good” even though he didn’t sleep at all. I wanted to kill him but he made me smile. The birthday cake I made for the part in the afternoon was a hit = 15 happy kids. Back home the little man helped me to clean up his toys, telling me everything about monster trucks and pung canons, while our rescue dog Mrs. Fay was lying on the sofa, watching us. She is with us for almost four years and only now she starts to feel safe lying on the sofa, right in the middle of our family life, not in the closet anymore. Coffee and candies were amazing. Ten minutes later I was refreshed, thinking how blessed we are.

I’m glad birthday party weekend is over (we had three over the weekend), but apart from all the stress life didn’t stop performing tiny miracles for us. It just needed a moment of rest to see them.

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