It’s not about having, but making time


One of my number one goals in life is to be paid for writing. Actual to be paid for writing as much that I don’t have to do anything other than write during my working hours. To reach this rather impossible goal of mine I learn a lot about what it takes to be a full-time writer. I read books that hopefully teach me how to write proper English (one day, one day…). I listen to book marketing specialists to learn how to promote a book once it’s written. I’m a member in many writer’s groups to learn from the success and detours others, and I try to write as much as I possibly can to train my writing. Writing is like doing sports – the more you exercise the better you get. Hence, my Monday blog.

But there is another component to become a professional writer – reading. Reading a lot. By reading you’ll learn how to write. You will learn from bestsellers how to do it right, and you will learn from none successful books how not to do it. Ten years ago, I’ve read a lot. When I still had time. Now, I don’t. I seriously have no idea how to fit reading into my day. When I have time, I write. Not read.

Then my husband decided from one day to another to get fit, to eat healthy, and to go to the gym at least four times a week. Immediately I thought he will never be able to keep it up for longer than a week. Reason, because he also doesn’t have time. When? My husband has a full-time job that often comes with many overtime working hours, he is the cook in the house, often he does the grocery shopping, he spends time with his son, and time with me, and still he found the time to go to the gym, because he made it his priority.

We all have these things in our life we want to do, and don’t find the time for, but honestly, nobody is too busy, it’s just a matter of priorities. Watching my husband finding time to go to the gym, I also decided to set my priorities right, and make reading one of them. During the last 40 days, I read four books. One of them as thick as a brick. Did I normally use my free minutes during the day to scroll through my phone, do I use them now for reading. Five pages or fifty, doesn’t matter, but I’m reading again. I made it my priority.

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