I can. I will. End of story.


Today I’m not writing about myself. Today I’m writing about my husband. My husband decided, after years of struggling, to finally turn the ship around, change eating habits, go to the gym, and lose weight. It was needed. Belts were running out of holes, pants were getting tight, he wasn’t happy with himself anymore. But as most of us know, change of habits doesn’t come easy. Especially not if we talk about eating habits and you have to live with me. I eat all the time. All the time, because I’m always on the edge of being too skinny. Still, a change was needed, and a change happened.

I have to say, when my husband said that he will lose 30 lbs in 60 days I didn’t believe him. Simply because I heard it many, many times before, and every time he quit. This time was different though. It wasn’t only his desire to change, he also had the determination to do it. He was ready to put in the work. He had the right mind-set. The right mind-set where you simply don’t give up no matter what happens until you reach your goal. From one day to another he changed his way of eating. Would he normally eat once a day, he now made himself a healthy breakfast every morning, took yoghurt with him to work, and a nice, low carb dinner. Lots of water, one coffee a day, no cookies or other kind of comfort food. Even when he was traveling, sitting in meetings where pizza boxes were laying on the table, he ate apples. Not one slice of pizza. He used the gym in the hotel, almost every evening, even if it was way past 10pm, because he said: I will.

The 60 days just ended. He lost all together 33 lbs (34!!!!! He corrected me). His belts are running out of holes on the other end, his pants are way too big now, and he needs new shirts. No belly anymore, no shortness of breath, no excuses. If you want to reach your goal, whatever it might be, it’s important not only to say I can, it’s important to also say I will. I will, no matter what. For my husband, it took 60 days to feel good on his own skin again. Your goal might take much longer, maybe even years, but whatever it is, it all comes down to I will. It all comes down to never give up, and to keep on going. I may not be there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday. It takes many steps to reach great goals. Don’t be afraid to keep going. If you keep going, you will get there.

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