Overall Manuscript Review

If you are looking for feedback, an overall manuscript review would be the best option for your budget. I’ll review it to determine how your story is received by the reader and offer detailed advice on how to make it an even better, even smother read. I will take your manuscript to the next level—from a nice story to a page-turner to ready for literary agents.

Being a writer myself, I know how difficult it is to get honest feedback once the manuscript is written, and even if you are lucky and some of your friends are willing to read and give you feedback, it’s normally something like, “Yeah, it was a good story.” Not helpful at all!

Feedback is important. It’s important to have your story read from an outsider’s point of view. From the reader’s point of view. Where does the reader start to be engaged? Where does he trail off, thinking of the grocery list he still has to write? Where does he want more information, where less?

“When in doubt, take the next step”—this is it. Contact me today.

Under Testimonials you can find examples on how an overall review can help you to improve and believe in your writing.

Price: I charge 4¢ per word