Let’s print a house


I’m sure all of you heard already something about this new technology that can print stuff. Stuff as in a coffee mug, a hand, even an organ, and now I saw a movie of how the first house was printed. A whole house! I don’t know why, but I just can’t imagine. Maybe it’s the phrase “printing” that lets me shake my head in wonderment, but printing a house just sounds like science fiction to me. Like a smart phone would have sounded to my grandparents.

After watching the short clip of how a house was printed of course I kind of get it. They print one wall after another, connect them, put the windows in afterwards and voila – it’s a house. It takes 24 hours to print it. 24 hours to print a new home.

I already talked about how we are becoming a disposable society in my blog “Great things take time”, but printing a house in 24 hours makes me wonder even more. Our little man is now 3.5 years old. Patience is nothing he has acquired yet. Waiting five minutes for his turn on the swing is doable. Waiting ten minutes to arrive at the playground difficult. Waiting 15 minutes for his pancakes almost impossible. I’m sure once he’s old enough to buy his first home he will wait impatiently for 24 hours to finally move in.

Great things take time. Pancakes about 15 minutes, a book about two years, an overnight success ten years, a cathedral, a monument people will visit and cherish for centuries, hundreds of years. But our generation won’t leave anything monumental behind. We are the first generation where a life of 80 years almost seems short, but also the first generation who doesn’t have time to create something that lasts.

I hope our little man will still experience what it feels like to wait, without reaching for distraction for the smart phone. I hope he will learn from his writing mother that great things aren’t printed in 24 hours, aren’t accomplished in a week or created overnight. Great things aren’t disposable, they take time and last – hopefully beyond time.

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